DeAnnah Stinson Reese

Corporate Diversity & Equity Strategist. Executive Leadership Coach, and Career Growth Expert

DeAnnah is an award nominated, passionate, sought after thought leader in the DEI space. Since 2010, she has used her expertise to partner with top companies like Microsoft, Dell, Stanley Black and Decker, TD Bank, Collins Aerospace, and many other Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.
DeAnnah has helped these companies to support black and brown employees career growth as well as creating supportive and inclusive workplace cultures for their diverse staff to improve recruitment, retention, and overall performance. To date, she has helped over 1000 minorities with their career advancement. She has been featured in Forbes, LinkedIn, as well as radio and tv shows.
As a corporate equity educator and strategist, DeAnnah helps companies to understand the power of biases, privilege, race, and social injustices to strategize ways to cultivate truly diverse and inclusive workplaces that retain top diverse talent.
She has built an impressive career across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. DeAnnah specializes in executive leadership coaching, people improvement, career development, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion coaching and training.
What’s your Story, what’s your Purpose?
“I’ve experienced both sides of the coin as an employee—having a supportive, inclusive workplace culture and having a company that was totally missing the mark and resulted in me leaving in less than a year. There are so many facets of social justice that shapes my everyday experiences as a professional and I decided to be the voice and vehicle to help improve the experience of those that can’t advocate for themselves.”
What you got, and who needs it?
DeAnnah has a Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus on Human Resources, Personnel Management as well as a Masters of Science in Adult Leadership. As an award nominated DEI and Career Growth Expert, DeAnnah uses her 10+ years of experience to help corporate leaders and senior level managers transform workplaces cultures and people operations. She also works with minorities to help them take ownership of their career trajectory and ultimately grow in their careers.
DeAnnah is founder and CEO of E3 Professional Services where she advances minorities in their careers and helps companies diversify leadership while improving equity and retention.
What can you show me, now?
DeAnnah is currently an international speaker and contributing author to a variety of books. She is partnering with black owned non-profits and women’s shelter to help bridge the racial and gender wage gap in underserved communities.
DeAnnah has also wrapped up her first book that will be available for professionals and leaders in 2021.
More About DeAnnah’s Expertise and Services
Executive Leadership Coaching

Leading with humility to influence and impact effectiveness

Putting strategy and execution to your operation’s plan for success
Trainings and Program Development
Upskilling professionals and implementing programs that improves company cultures and retention
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SparQle's mission is to help you find and clarify your unique brand identity and let it sparkle from there. DeAnnah is a Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Coach at SparQle, and one of the global team of professionals who support our clients online.
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