Workshop: Improve Equity, Workplace Culture, and Retention Among Diverse Employees
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Workshop Improve Equity, Workplace Culture, and Retention Among Diverse Employees

Why the most profitable companies prioritize their people

Often times companies focus on diversity and inclusion but forget, to truly achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, you must integrate equity at all levels of the organization. The entire workforce falls under same blanket of rules, privileges, and employee experiences, without an eye on unique, demographic-related needs.
This can lead to an unfair work environment and high employee turnover which is costly. A Deloitte report found that cognitively and demographically diverse teams can enhance innovation by 20% and identify/reduce risks by up to 30%.
Also, Gartner predicts that through 2022, 75% of organizations that boast of a diverse and inclusive culture among frontline decision-makers will exceed their financial targets.

Having Uncomfortable Conversations

In this workshop series (3-part option recommended) you emerge into the perspectives of minority employees and their experiences. We will identify the struggles with uncomfortable conversations, how to combat unconscious bias, and strategies for facilitating fruitful conversations that lead to progress and improved company performance.
Questions Answered During the Workshop
• What are so many minority employees dissatisfied with their jobs?
• How do leaders gain more buy-in from employees?
• Why are uncomfortable conversations important?
• How do I initiate and process through an uncomfortable conversation that seems to be going nowhere?
• How do I make myself more knowledgeable about problems minorities face?

Benefits of the workshop?

Workshop participants are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to take a deeper look into their organization and personal biases that influence how they lead and engage with colleagues.
At the end of each workshop, they are given the blueprint to creating strategies that can be implemented and measured for improving their company culture while ultimately retaining and supporting diverse staff.

Workshop or consultancy appointment?

The consultancy sessions and workshop can be booked at SparQle, in combination or separately. Want to know more about the consultancy sessions, the workshop, and the prices - or book directly?
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Meet your Coach

DeAnnah is an award nominated, passionate, sought after thought leader in the DEI space. Since 2010, she has used her expertise to help Fortune 100 companies create supportive and inclusive workplace cultures for their diverse staff to improve recruitment, retention, and overall performance. She has been featured in Forbes, LinkedIn, as well as radio and tv shows.
SparQle helps people and organizations to find their unique, authentic self - to tell and connect their story - and to let it sparkle from the richness of diversity, equality and inclusion.
DeAnnah Stinson Reese
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