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Workshop: NLP & EQ in the workplace
Increase ethical awareness, and social consciousness
How might we increase ethical decision-making in an organization and, at the same time, establish social consciousness?

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Workshop NLP & EQ in the workplace

Incorporate Emotional Intelligence

With a high degree of emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), in the workplace, a person uses social skills, self-awareness, motivation and self-regulation to acknowledge, comprehend, regulate and reason using the emotions.
When there is low EQ in the workplace, people tend to not take responsibility for mistakes. It is harder for people to work together as a team.
When communicating, people are either passive or aggressive and not assertive. Another noticeable characteristic of weak emotional intelligence at work is an inability to accept constructive criticism. However, with high EQ, particularly for employers, they solve problems better and make suitable decisions.
People with high emotional intelligence tend to keep a level head under pressure, display greater empathy and listen, reflect and react appropriately to the opinions of others.

The effects of NLP & Emotional Intelligence

Properly honed, emotional intelligence skills can significantly boost an organization’s results in terms of productivity and revenue. It’s imperative to learn and understand the importance of balancing IQ & EQ (self- awareness, social-awareness, self-management, relationship management) and to explore how NLP can affect leadership and employee’s progressive way.
By incorporating the different human emotions into the workplace, your employees will collaborate better, and the workplace will be a happier environment for everyone.
NLP for self-regulation- helps you to process and transform one’s perspective, emotions, likes and dislikes by understanding the finer distinctions in the thoughts. This helps with conflict management and decision making.
NLP for self – awareness – helps to show how you construct your experiences, and how your behavior is developed which effect your overall decisions and outcome deliverables.

Benefits of the workshop?

Increase ethical awareness, and social consciousness by developing a closed support-therapy group, or individual session for employees. Each meeting ensures a safe, confidential, and affirmative environment for employees.
Sessions will address common issues or specific concerns. The focus of the discussions will be discretely vocalized and generated by participants. Encouraged and required engagement provides an opportunity to learn from similar others, while giving or receiving both support with feedback. Counseling helps employees achieve individual effectiveness in the workplace, while enhancing employee behavioral habits.
• Cultivate solutions using NLP practices and techniques
• Investigate how our emotions and perceptions affect our decision making and behavioral habits
• Guided sessions to improve effective listening and communication to decrease verbal offense
• Learning and developing a healthy corporate environment by applying the 4 pillars of emotional intelligence
• Reduce anxiety by using coping methods which can be incorporated daily, caused by situational work or life stressors.

Workshop or consultancy appointment?

The consultancy sessions and workshop can be booked at SparQle, in combination or separately. Want to know more about the consultancy sessions, the workshop, and the prices - or book directly?
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Meet your Coach

The workshop is provided by Keyonna Monroe, Coaching EQ Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. Keyonna applies adult learning theories and methods to develop creative and interactive presentations to inform and motivate audiences using a wide variety of platforms, including one-on-one and group sessions, webinars, online programs, and correspondence courses.
SparQle helps people and organizations to find their unique, authentic self - to tell and connect their story - and to let it sparkle from the richness of diversity, equality and inclusion.
Keyonna Monroe
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