Becoming aware of Brand digitization and remote scale-up

Why go Digital and remote?

Anthony van Lobbrecht, Delivery Lead SparQle

Brand digitization is getting more and more a key and essential aspect of modernization within companies today. 'Why?' Digital visibility of your Brand involves more than just promoting your products and services on your website. It's also being able to communicate your organization's activities to the world at the specific moment you (strategically) want to trigger your audience.
Digitization plays a significant role in being able to steer your authentic Brand image online.
For instance, does your company show online that you help your employees with their careers and how continuous learning is an essential part of that? If not, you might not be able to make the connection with the ambitious young professionals you desire as employees who mature in a digital world. Millennials want to be able to use modern tools instead of legacy systems. Therefore, successful digitization is what attracts people to your company, products, and services.

Exercise your Holistic perspective

Digitizing your Brand means more than having a static/dynamic website or being present on social media. It's all about the public's feeling of being connected to your products, services, and company. So digitally profile your Brand in tune with how people digitally connect, engage and develop.
If you have a digitized brand, you're instantly able to answer questions like:
1. Vision
- How transparent is your companies' digital vision?
- Are you embracing emerging technologies that better the journey of employees and customers?
2. Entrepreneurship
- How sustainable are your branding packaging and products?
- Can you adapt to a remote work culture?
3. Personnel development
- How diverse is your workforce and social media network: 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75-100%?
- Has IT security been brought in to protect employees and customers?
- To what extent is your workforce equipped for online and social media branding?
4. Structured development
- Does your workforce practice social media and online code of conduct standards?
- To what extent are information sources objective and data-driven?
- Are your business processes integrated and supported through modern software?
- Are the automated processes and AI mechanisms validated for usability and quality standards?
5. Environmental influencing
- How does your management team use online information to make a solid decision?
- Did you introduce workforce policies to reduce your digital carbon footprint?
Transform your digital strategy
We help your Brand strategically seize opportunities arising from digitization and changing markets to develop a competitive advantage. In addition, we offer actual value and profound expertise to equip and scale up your IT workforce.
The targeted outcome is evidence-based digitized solutions empowered by rigorous software development and marketing expertise and strategic Branding experience in designing and delivering leading solutions.
Do you need some help?
We're looking forward to exploring new opportunities and getting acquainted with your digitized branding or remote software development needs. Feel free to contact us to collaborate on your requirements.
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